Linking to a PDF (CV / Resume) from your Jekyll Header / Nav

This seems like the most basic task but I finally had to resort to writing every link structure combination I could conceive of (~10, in all) and copy my Resume.pdf file into multiple folders to figure out how to do this. In the end I put my Resume.pdf file in a folder titled static in my home folder. From there I added a link to the header.html file amongst the list of other navigation links as follows. The key part is that it have a leading forward slash after the baseurl - ”{{ site.baseurl }}/static/Resume.pdf”

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I had an issue setting up this Jekyll site/ blog where I wanted to replace the default blog page that was at index.html with the about page and have the listing of abreviated blog entries on a separate page that you have to click through to from the home page. I swapped the default Jekyll and index.html files for and blog.html, respectively. The problem was that the wouldn’t build into an index.html as it should. I’m not sure of the exact problem but it was all in the header markdown that you see at the top of every markdown page. I think it was that I didn’t change the titles of the pages to reflect the changes in the filenames and there was a naming conflict. Anyway, after revisiting them index.html is being properly built from

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