List of Time Zones With Largest City and Positive Negative in LibreOffice Calc

I was surprised that I wasn’t able to quickly find a list of timezones showing the UTC offset along with the biggest city (or cities) to populate a dropdown that I’m adding to a website. This is far from perfect but I manually typed one out based on a really great map that someone had posted to Reddit

-11,Pago Pago
-08,Los Angeles
-06,Mexico City
-05,New York
-02,Sao Paulo

And in writing it out in LibreOffice I also stumbled over how to have the +01 GMT offset format still read as an integer while adding the sign and maintaining two digit places. This retains the + (addition / plus sign) before positive values and the negative before negative values (much more common). That was solved with a Google search by adding the following formatting to the respective cells (Select cells, Format => Cells > Format Code [bottom left corner]).


If you wanted nothing before 00 you could add a third component like the following.