Roof Drip Edge Spacing

Here’s a quick diversion from tech just to get this info online because I couldn’t find it when I was re-roofing a porch two years ago. This comes from good ol’ Tom Silva on a recent episode of Ask This Old House in which he says to space the lower lip of drip edge a finger’s width away from the roof’s edge. Then space the shingle’s edge 3/8” - 1/2” over the drip-edge. In fact, in trying to link to the Ask This Old House site I’ve found that the video is online, along with the text transcription stating as much so hopefully my linking to it will give it a little boost in Google’s rankings. Also, yes, run the drip edge on the side of a ‘shed’ roof and make sure that descending edge laps over the edge at the base/ eve….

Keywords: drip-edge, dripedge, asphalt shingles